I’ve always wanted to make a role playing game about the Marine Corps life and distribute it for free. It would possibly be a point and click adventure where you face may decisions and many different endings that depend on the choices you make.

Aug 17, 2011 Update : The game will be made with Abode Flash. It will be a decision making game where you play as a poolee who becomes a US Marine and after 4 years (Or less), you end up EASing an angry and bitter man.

Many decisions to be made. Do I tell the truth or lie? Do I do the right thing or wrong thing? Do I skate or work? Your decisions will turn out to have true-to-life consequences.

I’ll probably make such a game……. 6 years or more from now…….

Of course, I’d be free forever.

Most definitely, a short flash animation will take place before the game.


10/18/11 Update – I’ll probably make a BARRACKS DUTY SIMULATOR. It will be long, boring and it will be stupid.


To Do : Make a trailer.