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Other Websites – This site was created by an angry former Marine who is now out honorably. He mainly talks about the dumb things that happen in it. It’s for a good laugh.

I hate the USMC’s Facebook page – Terminal Lance is a web comic making fun of the Marine Corps. – If you have 43 things you want to do, getting out of the USMC would be one of them. – Make sure you get an honorable discharge because this bill is worth it! – A website that exposes the truth of corruption in the military. – You can do 4 MCIs in 15 minutes right now! Enroll and complete Mine Awareness, Hot/Cold Weather Injury Prevention, Base/Perimeter Defense and Conduct Escort of Convoy. You don’t even need a proctor for this. Just open it up, click next a million times, get every question wrong and bomb the final test. They each count as an MCI and they will automatically post on your MOL in 2-3 days. – Don’t let the URL fool you. This website isn’t a hate site direct at the US Marine Corps. It’s actually an open forum where Marines go to complain about stupid things that happen in the USMC. It’s good for a laugh. Sadly, this website is no longer available. – A website dedicated to fighting for, helping and informing the people about the dangerous toxins in Camp Lejeune’s Water supply. – Where does all the US taxpayer’s money go? Here!


Reading List – The US Constitution is something that members of the military swore to defend. Unfortunately, not many of them have read it. It’s not that long of a read and it is one of America’s most important documents that protects citizens from invasive government. – FY 12 Voluntary Enlisted Early Release Program for all non-motivators. It will – FY11 Voluntary Enlisted Early Release Program will hook you up and push your EAS up to 90 days early! You must be eligible. – Officer Voluntary Early Release Program for those non-motivating officers. – The best post on this site. – A USMC Major sees through the bullshit and has the moral courage to tell it like it is. He emphasizes that the Marine Corps has to stop wasting so much labor and resources on stupid shit and more on important shit. – Why a US Marine pilot is getting out. – Some guy’s post on why he hates the Marine Corps. – TimSierraMist’s blog on all the fun times he has had in the Corps. – US Marines is an orgy palace of stoned, drunk, horny teens. – A list of USMC acronyms and expressions. – War is a Racket by U.S. Marine Major General Smedley D. Butler, Two Time Medal of Honor Recipient. – Two Marines kill each other over a football game -Cancellation of MCI Leading Marines (MCI0037) and the Activation of the Marinenet Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) Leading Marines Distance Education Program (DEP) (EPME3000AA). Basically put, according to this Maradmin, this is the only MCI you need to do to pick up Corporal. All the other things higher ups say is bullshit. – Veterans of Massachusetts rate $500 – $1,000. – 3 Marines sell AK-47s to LA Street Gang – USMC Colonel Sabow tried to stop secret drug trafficking taking place on unmarked C-130s in his air base. One day he mysteriously committed suicide. This site exposes the truth. – A US Marine, Jose Guerena, was killed by SWAT for no reason.;content -Lcpl Kevin Holt was given a one-sided military trial for murder. This article shows that it doesn’t matter if you have 11 Marines testifying on your behalf, no DNA evidence, no blood on the accused even though the victim was stabbed over 40 times, you can still be found guilty in the Marines. – An article about the deadly “Trust Game” in the Marine Corps. – 45 Reasons to Re-enlist (sarcasm) – Sham Marriages Got Marines Housing – Bobbi Ann Finley : Men Scammed by so-called Military Mistress Speak Out. – Are All Military Medals Earned? – The US Military defends rapists. “Former Marine Cpl. Sarah Albertson is another plaintiff who met with reporters. She says she was raped in 2006 by another Marine but was advised by her command that she and the Marine could both be charged with inappropriate behavior in the barracks because they were drinking. She says she also was told to respect her accused rapist because he outranked her, and was ultimately forced to work in the same area and live in barracks one floor below the accused rapist for two years, Albertson said.” – A Female Marine’s blog about sexual assault and the USMC’s inefficiency at working to put away the perpetrator. This website has many other stories about Military Sexual Trauma (MST).,1413/ – Marine never knew what freedom was until he left. – 3 Charged in Hazing that led to Marine’s Suicide – Definition for “Fuck the Marine Corps” – A Real USMC article about field day. – 1 in 3 vets sets Iraq, Afghan wars as wastes – Eat the Apple Fuck the Corps 235 Years of Murder Don’t Wish Me a Happy Birthday – Fear and Loathing In the U.S.M.C. Part 2 | Brainwashed in the Corps – Marine 3 Star Aide de Camp charged in child porn case – 3 Marines booted for fake marriages. – Afghanistan to back Pakistan in case of Pakistan-US War. – Marine Death Investigated as Homicide (Murder in the Barracks) – Marine Osprey Pilot caught touching himself. – SC Marine admits helping to steal military equipment in Iraq. – Drill Instructor Commits Suicide In Front of Recruits – One Marine’s Story about Brown Nosing in the Corps  – Is Requesting mast career suicide? – Marine Corps Order on Hazing. – Learning to be a Killer – Itzcoatl “Izzy” Ocampo, a Iraq War Veteran & US Marine, killed homeless people. – Marine says Corps kicking him out for criticism against Obama. – Top 10 Unpleasant Surprises About Enlisting in the Marines – Lejeune leads Corps for sex assaults – Father of slain Marine Calls Son’s Death Pointless. A Marine stabs another Marine and kills him. – Vet (Yonathan Melaku) who shot at Pentagon claims mental ills. – Former Marine accused of desertion and sues military for damages – Lejeune Water Victim Speaks Out



USMC Hall of Fame

Only the finest of Marines make the cut for this Hall. – Charles Whitman was an honorably discharged Marine who climbed onto the University of Texas’ 27-story tower on August 1, 1966 and started shooting people. He killed 16 people and injured 32 before he was gunned down by the police. Under the “Whitman’s Journal” section,  there was this interesting entry that said, “Within the journal are entries covering Whitman’s everyday life in the Marine Corps and his interactions with Kathy and other family members. He also writes about his court martial and disrespect for the Marine Corps, especially the inefficiencies he perceived within it.” – Lee Harvey Oswald was a former Marine who was accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy. He was murdered by Jack Ruby. – Lance Corporal Howard A. Foote stole an unarmed A-4M Skyhawk at the El Toro base and flew it without formal flight training. All charges were dropped (link). (Link – Another article on the event) – Private Joshua Fry was a former Autistic US Marine that was kicked out due to his obsession with child porn. He was recruited out of a home for special kids, graduated boot camp (with much difficulty), was caught with child porn twice in SOI and then ultimately given a bad conduct discharge. – Cesar Laurean was a former US Marine who killed a pregnant female Marine who accused him of rape. After he killed her, he burned her body and then buried it in his backyard. They had consensual sex with each other. The baby wasn’t his (link). – Col. Robert G. Petit was the commander of the 24th MEU. He ruined his career by stealing $65 worth of random crap from Wal-Mart. Just so you know, Colonels make $6,000 – $10,000 a month. – LT Matthew Tenney was a Marine Personnel Officer who tried to steal $2.7 million – Anthony Sowell, former Corporal, had 11 bodies decomposing in his house. (article) He was accused of kidnapping, rape and serial killing. – Col. Douglas A. Denn ruined his career with a DUI. And higher ups are always preaching how it”s stupid for Marines to get DUIs. – David Motari is the infamous Marine who threw a puppy off a cliff in Iraq. – Corporal Matthew Nelson killed one of his junior Marines in the Trust game. – Nathan Gale was a former Marine who was discharged after two years for paranoid schizophrenia. After he got out of the Marine Corps, he basically went bat-shit insane and killed the guitarist, Dimebag Darrell, and several other people. He took a man hostage on the stage and then a police officer came behind him and shot him in the head with a shotgun. (CBS Article) (Youtube News Video) – SSGT Damone Cunningham was a recruiter who kidnapped a 14 year old girl, raped her and tried to pimp her out to would-be Marine recruits. The cops pulled him over and found him, the girl and 2 would-be recruits. This asshole was sentenced to 10 years of butt pounding. – Craig Walker, a former USMC recruiter, was charged with possession of over 200 files of child pornography – Cpl Kaleb C. Masters was arrested for possession of child pornography.,0,2059721.story – SGT Jarod Barry distributed many disturbing images of child pornography. – Lcpl Emrys John, Lcpl Tyron Miller, Pvt Kevin Cox and Lcpl Kesaun Sykes murdered their Sergeant, raped his wife and then killed her. – Jebediah James Stipe, a former US Marine, went on craigslist and pretended to be his ex-girlfriend. He then tricked an ad responder, Ty Oliver McDowell, into raping his ex-girlfriend. (more info) – Noel Bertrand, an ex-Marine, committed a brutal rape at an airline when a woman rejected his initial advances. – In Okinawa in 1995, Two Marines, Rodrico Harp and Kendrick Ledet, and a Navy Seaman kidnapped a 12 year old girl, tied her up, beat her and then raped her. In 2006, Ledet sexually assaulted and murdered a female. He then committed suicide by slashing his wrists. (more info)
 – Lance Corporal Andres Raya was a Marine who shot and killed a police officer. He was shot to death by the police. He was also a gang member.
 – Charles Ng & Leonard Lake were both in the USMC. They got out and went on a mass raping and killing spree.

 – Manly Female Col. Terri E. Erdag is accused of sexual harassment toward a male senior officer. – Recruiter may be discharged after Craigslist sting. Sgt David Reinoso Rodriguez, 26, attempted to have sex with a 14 year old girl. – Captain Richard B. Toschiaddi was gets 30 months in child-porn case. – Sgt Jessie A. Quintanilla was convicted of shooting 2 officers. – PFC Stephen E. Harkness and Jeffrey W. Allen (USMC dishonorable discharge) were arrested for kidnapping, torturing, and dismemberment. – Sgt Eusebio Lopez gunned down 2 Marines and then killed himself inside MCB Quantico.  – Chris Kyle murdered a decorated Navy SEAL Sniper and a friend while they were at a shooting range. – Randy Linn burned down a mosque in America. – Nicholas Howard (Ex-Gunnery Sergeant) raped a woman and ended up walking away thanks to the military (in)justice system.


Best of Youtube (or other) – USMC Flavored – Ron Paul “The High Tide” (Vote Ron Paul for President 2012 for Liberty. Read his books, watch his videos.) – Obama lies about his promises of troop withdrawal’s Youtube Channel provides many hilarious videos on USMC life – Safety Brief! – Corporal’s Course – Getting “talked to” – Barracks Life Monster Film – Green Monster : Why Good Marines Get Out – Green Monster : Mass Punishment – Green Monster : Mopping Bricks in the Rain : Common Sense – Green Monster : 2-7 Super-Boot Competition – Green Monster : Police Calling – Green Monster : Motarded – Cpl Shelton gets his just desserts – Cussing in Boot Camp

– – Green Monster – Females can’t be line handlers – What the fuck Marine?!?! – Life as a Marine Grunt – USMC Animation – EAS Song (Guitar) – The New EAS Song – EAS Song (Hip-hop) – Sergeant Major Vines of SOI West Camp Pendleton – Gunny Hitler – Funny OC Spray (Navy) – Marines fixing our Xbox 360 – The REAL Marine Corps – The Best Financial Plan for all Marines – World Premiere Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – The Onion – Marines’ Silent Drill with an Oops – Marine Corps Ad Parody – USMC Buffer Rodeo – Hold It Against Me 266 Rein Marines Official Video – Marine Corps Song About the Army – I hate my life USMC – Why Marines don’t re-enlist – Beware of the Knife Hands – Navy Pilots make fun of the Marines – The Hand Shake – The Few and The Proud – Red Band Marine Recruiting Video – Super Marine – Real Marine Fight – Marines Drunk USMC (Part 1) – What REALLY happens when you join the Marine Corps – Recruiters Lie to Kids at Malls to Fill Quotas – Navy It’s not just a job (SNL Parody) – Like a Chief – Re: New Marines Commercial “America’s Marines” (Twirling) – Recruiters Lie – Before you Enlist! – Gangland – Basic Training – 1 – 5 (How gang members join the military to learn how to kill better) – Marine shot in the head by the Police (Scott Olsen) – Marine gets his ass chewed (For no reason?) – USMC Hazing PT 1 – ABC World News with Diane : Semper Fi : Always Faithful – A New Documentary (About Lejeune Water Poisoning.) – Shit Deployed Marines Say on the Phone  – Cab driver attacked violently by Marine – Drunk Marines and Navy men – SGT goes apeshit and acts like a child over a car accident he caused.


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