This website is dedicated to all my higher ups and motards out there.

Fleet Marine Life is a non-motivating webcomic/ blog about the US Marine Corps.

This web comic was created by K, an honorably discharged ex-Marine, to make fun of the US Marine Corps. This website will tell you the truth about the real US Marine Corps. In this website, I will attempt to write out all the reasons as to why I would never re-enlist. I don’t really care what I write or draw and if you don’t like it then fuck you, go to another website.

You may think that “I hate the Marine Corps” by what I say sometimes but to be more accurate, I dislike the people, the events, the bullshit, the stupidity, the “leadership” in the Marine Corps. It is ridiculous and frustrating at times. That is the main reason why I will never re-enlist in this “United States Janitor Corps.”

This site is not endorsed by, nor does it attempt to reflect the official opinions or positions of the Marine Corps, The Department of Defense, or The President of The United States.

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