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You think we are unsat? What about all the married SNCO’s and NCO’s who go out on deployment sticking their worthless dicks into anything wearing a skirt? To you that’s ok right? Or the highers who care nothing for the welfare and the lives of their marines, only how hard they can work them to improve their career prospects. I guess you think that’s ok too in your eyes, right? All the corruption, backstabbing and immorality being done by active duty marines and you focus on the guys on a website venting their anger. That is unsat. How about you fix the problem instead of punishing rogues you spawned through years of maltreatment? Just because we signed a contract guaranteeing you 4 years, that doesn’t give you a green light to abuse and overwork us for your own gain. The festering cesspool of corruption and idiocy that is the MC does not rely on competence, intelligence or skill. It relies on people with limited horizons, a fear of getting out and facing the real world, and above all, blind obedience to any idiotic order. When I was in and my friends would ask me what exactly I did in the MC, I would say “I slavishly obey the insane commands of a baboon.” The MC is like a scientist who makes one great discovery and rides on that discovery for the rest of their career, accomplishing nothing else but always citing the glory days of old. The new MC has no resemblance to the old MC that accomplished many great things, yet the highers and boots alike constantly cite the old glories in which they played no part. The MC also is very similar to Hitler’s SS. In the SS, an order was always right, and they were trained to obey orders without thinking. It’s similar not just because of the blind obedience, but also because of the propaganda. Hitler’s SS heavily relied on propaganda images the media portrayed of them. Disciplined, well groomed, professional, someone to look up to and consider a role model. Yet history revealed the reality. The MC relies on the media in a similar fashion. All the images you see on TV glorify the MC. Plus, they closely monitor everyone, like the Gestapo. When people praise and rant on about the good things, they love it, but when a site like this comes to their attention, they move with expediency to crush the opposition. When the truth, or at least bad press comes out, they go into a conniption. We are made to look like moral people with the utmost professionalism, yet I have personally seen NCO’s and SNCO’s cheat on their wives, steal, abuse drugs and other things. Always Faithful my butt. Does that motto not extend to one’s personal life? Does cheating on one’s wife not violate Always Faithful? The real MC motto should be “Look out for number one.” The totalitarian like state in which the MC operates is very reminiscent of Hitler’s third Reich. To the MC, there is no higher honor than sucking your commander’s cock, swallowing his man gravy then following his senseless and often insane orders without giving it any cognitive thought. I spent four years as a janitor. That is the greatest qualification a marine can claim. The mind numbing stupidity of those in charge, the games and all else drive some to suicide. Only in a dysfunctional organization would the idea of mass punishments be glorified and frequently used. When my friends asked me if I was going to re-up, I would say something like “hell no, I would rather suck the jizzm out of a dead faggot’s rancid, decomposing butthole. One thing I will never comprehend is why do some SNCO’s hold shave inspections and cammie inspections before combat operations? For God’s sake, some of the men you are inspecting may not survive, and you are harassing them with something so mundane? I had better stop, because I could write a manifesto on the problems with the MC. I must say this: the problem is NOT the MC itself. The organization cannot do stupid things. What makes us hate the MC is the SNCO’s and officers who make our lives hell for their own benefit or amusement. I will end with this: To all who have served, thank you for serving, and congrats on getting out. To those still in, your EAS will one day come. It seems like it won’t, and you begin to think that time is looping on itself causing you to stay in longer, but don’t worry. When you EAS, you get back your soul, the water is more refreshing, the food tastes better, your bed is softer, the air is sweeter, and life is worth living again.